Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Fighting Cancer – Waiting to Learn Unknown

I enjoy talking with people that have gone before the cancer dragon in one form or another and made it out the other side. I also enjoy providing information that we have on what I know about cancer, diet, supplements, exercise and any other area that might help.

Everyone that encounters cancer whether it is you or a family member ride an emotional roller coaster. It starts the day you are told you have cancer. Then is continues when you learn that chemo, radiation or surgery is the next step if not all 3.

Even for those of us that are cancer survivors face this emotional ride on a scheduled basis. It is our check-up points. The tests that you will do every 3, 6, 12 months! You hold your breathe for the days following the scans, lab work and tests until you sit down with your oncologist to hear the results.

Then if there is a twist to that process it magnifies the ride even more. Example; Kidney failure will keep you from receiving the dye that is use for a CT Scan. This is the scan of choice for a couple reasons that I will not get into.

If your creatinine levels in your blood exceed 1.4 you will not receive the imaging dye for fear of damaging your kidneys further. Now you can go to a kidney specialist and they can do a 2-3 day prep so as to use the dye, but again you need to be within certain limits.

So the next possible option (for me anyway) is a P.E.T. Scan. This scan is looking for “hot spots” a.k.a. cancer tumors in this case. You will be given a very strict diet to follow 24 hours before your test. This diet amounts to NO sugars of any kind, simple or processed sugars, no starches, no breads and no sweetener substitutes.

For me it is a sluggish withdraws feeling from my daily diet.

You will eat mostly proteins and a lot of water for this 24 hour period prior to the scan. I’m also to drink 24 oz. of water 2 hours before the test begins.

The scan will consist of a radio active (very low dosage) drug injected into my blood stream. Approximately and hour after that I will be placed on the scanning table, which is very similar to a CT scan.

You will be on the scanning table for 45-75 minutes. If this concept of lying still for that length of time bothers you as it would most people you can request a sedative. I will also have my IPod plugged into my head.

Music does help to block out the surroundings and time.

I also understand that there is upcoming information on a new type of CT scan that is to provide even better and more detailed imaging. I will pass this information along when I get it.

Till Next Time – YOU keep FIGHTING CANCER!