Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Blessing of Thanksgiving

Update on my blood work; Seems that my liver enzymes and kidney levels have improved over the past 2 weeks. I also received a call from MD Anderson (MDA), where I thought all hope of getting was lost. It seems as though some effort is being made to see where I would fit best in the puzzle.

Since I have gone through all the traditional chemo treatments approved by insurance and the FDA, I am now entering into the experimental class (a.k.a. Clinical Trial material). Additional information has been sent to MDA and we need yet to send the data from this week CT scan. From that information I will probably end up as I understand it today at the Center for Target Therapy at MDA.  We will wait and see. Until then we leave soon for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. for testing and recommendations.

If nothing else so far I have learned that the Mayo Clinic likes forms. I have completed no less than 20 pages of forms and I have not left town yet! I’ve been told that the first day starts at 8 a.m. with nothing to eat 13 hours prior to my visit. Then the day will be filled with a batter of test and more forms.

The second day is scheduled with an oncologist to review my condition, answer questions and to talk about a plan of action. I’m praying that I’m not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! I know the road I have already traveled and it at times has not been pleasant for me or my family.

The blessing of Thanksgiving is once again here. I’m thankful for all that has been given to me, a beautiful wife, daughter and granddaughter, a loving family and amazing friends, all of which who have helped me get this far in this battle. In this battle your support system means as much as the treatment itself if not more, much more.

I no longer count the years, but now count the seasons that come and go in my life. To wake up in the morning an to see, feel and hear the small changes as the season move from one to another is precious to me in many ways. The songs of the birds change the sound even of the leaves in the tree sound different to me now. The smells of the woods, the time spent on the tractor mowing for sure (well I guess dad and my brother now do all that) and the angle of the sun in the house windows change almost daily.

This is a time to look back at a years spent and remember all that have come across our paths and the joy they each brought. It is also time to reflect back on those that have left this place on earth to the next journey of their travels. I often find myself wondering now where my travels will take me from here and though I wish not to leave this part of the journey yet by any means I now that next leg of my travels will be as wonderful as this one has been. How’s that song go; “We all want to go to heaven, just not right now…” or something like that.

I can only hope that each of you give thanks not just for all the food and the football games on this coming Thanksgiving day, but to those thing that are most important in your life and memories.
Now with all that said be safe and pass the pumpkin pie please

Airport Security – making me madder by the day.
Please tell me it’s not about the money, but it’s about life?

Until next time you must keep FIGHTING CANCER and most of all ENJOY THE DAY!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Quest Continues

Well I’m disappointed to say that we have no news on scheduling any appointment with MD Anderson. 
Seems that not only is the appointment freeze that is currently underway an issue, but the fact that I’ve been through most of the “approved” chemotherapy treatments known for colon cancer. The fact too, that the treatment that Dr. Burzynski had me on that was working and then my cancer decided to mutate is also a factor with MD Anderson. 

So, the next logical question that you would ask is where else or what else can we do? Well even though we all know of say the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota or others, insurance does not cover all those places. So, the cost is on you. The challenge is not always the disease. 

We continue to learn more about new cancer treatment methods that are working in trials and see amazing things on TV, but many are years from the masses. So, as for part of  the what’s next may be a trial and we will talk about that if and when it takes place. But for now the first thing we need to do is get an appointment with MD Anderson or the Mayo Clinic.

Till then ENJOY THE DAY and You Keep Fighting Cancer.