Saturday, December 26, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Burzynski Clinic -Day 12 – Day 26

Well it turned out that the cancer fighting drug Vectibix (most likely), the one treatment I received in Houston and the second I received here in Wichita caused a severe rash. So on day 15 I was taken off all 3 of the chemo drugs to work on the rash.

I have to admit that this is one of the worst side effects I’ve ever had. I have a painful rash from head to toe. Not kidding.

I’m now taking 2 different antibiotics and 1 antihistamine. I’m also taking Tylenol or pain pills to sleep at night. For anyone that is about to get a treatment of Vectibix you will want to ask to start an antibiotics that same day.

I can not explain to you the pain and itching that this rash will give you. I could but you would get sick.

Another tip is that a hot show will make it worse and a bath will feel great while you’re in the water, but when you get out make sure you have a shirt to put on that you no long wish to keep.
The shirt will start to stick to you and the rash at some point and the rash will bleed, ruining the shirt. But the fun part is when you pull the shirt off your back. The first pull is the worst, the rest get better.

I’m seeing very slow improvement in this rash and will be evaluated again on day 29 before the next scheduled Vectibix treatment. If this stuff is work half as good on my cancer as it has done to my skin, it’s really going to town.

I want to change gears here for just a second before signing off You Fighting Cancer to talk about more research that I’ve been reading on Vitamin D. If you take nothing else please take a high grade of Vitamin D supplement. The cancer prevention and fighting characteristics are starting to stack up.

I’m very grateful to be present for another white Christmas and to enjoy my family. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Fighting Cancer – Days 9-11

Day 9 - To our surprise we were released to go home. Everything was progressing in a positive direction and no adverse side effects were taking place. To date the only side effects that I am having is fatigue, upset stomach and a dull head-ache. Fatigue seems to be the biggest issue for me.

I did get one infusion of a chemo drug called Vectibix. This is only a one hour infusion verses the 4-5 hours I would spend in a normal chemo treatment. And the side effects are fatigue, upset stomach and that’s about it. I will continue to get this infusion once every 2 weeks.

Upon our exit interview we saw our primary doctor that is assigned to our case to go over all the medications and to make sure we understood what we needed to do once we got home. We went over the complete regiment of medications and when they were to be taken.

A two and a half page report was provided with orders to be given to my oncologist and family doctor for lab work, scans, infusions and prescriptions. My responsibility was to coordinate all this with those doctors back home.

We also met with Dr. Burzynski and his chief medical doctor to go over any questions we might have. The only question was whether to continue the standard chemo treatment back home. Dr. Burzynski left that up to me and advised to not take one of the medications that he prescribed; it would be doubleling up on that chemo drug type.

I would like to say how impressed I was with the Buryznski Clinic and their professionalism.

Day 10 – Driving and that’s about it.

Day 11 – Met with my oncologist here at home to schedule ongoing infusions and to go over my prescriptions. I was very pleased with the positive support that my oncologist is providing with this treatment.

In six weeks we will do another P.E.T. scan to see the positive progress we are making and go from there.

I would like to thank those of you that have left comments on this page, also. It's good to know that someone is reading this blog and I truly hope in some way it will help someone else down the road.

Until then ENJOY THE DAY!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Day 6 Burzynski Clinic

Day 6
It has been a very busy week here in Houston. “You Fighting Cancer” is a lot of work, or should I say a lot of tests.

I brought a current CT scan with me, but orders were written for extensive blood work, P.E.T. Scan, EKG on my heart and more blood lab work. The results of all the tests came back very quickly.

I spent a day whole day doing EKG and P.E.T. scan testing. Of course the radiology imaging lab was 40 minutes from here. The traffic in the 4th largest city is little crazy.

We sat down with a doctor in radiology to go over my P.E.T. scan results. This is the first time we had seen an actual scan result, though I’ve had 3 P.E.T. scans now. The results showed 3 cancer tumors. One that was inactive, one that is 3cm and one that is 7cm in size.

I’ve been put on a regiment of prescriptions and supplements. I will also be taking a chemo drug twice a day. In total I will be taking about 35 pills a day. That’s a lot better than a chemo treatment. Though I will be doing chemo as well.

We also spent an hour with a nutritionist and learned a lot. The first thing we learned is that I’m starving myself. At best I’m taking in 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day at best. I should be taking in around 2,400-3,000 calories.

You know that bowl of oatmeal you eat in the morning it equates to 100 calories and that’s it. It’s not that you want to stop eating foods like your oatmeal, but you have to get your calorie intake up. So everything you eat needs to count, really count.

So, instead of that bowl of oatmeal I’m now eating bagels which would equal 8 baked potatoes. Not surprising again was fruit and vegetables have hardly any calories. I still need to eat fruit and vegetables; I just can’t make a meal of it. Protein is also needed at every meal and every snack.

The bottom line here is if you are fighting cancer your calorie intake is very important.

Here are a couple reference books that might help;

Eat to Beat Cancer by J. Robert Hatherill, Ph.D.
Nutrition: The Cancer Answer II by Maureen Kennedy Salaman
Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D. – I talked about this in an earlier posting.

Until next time ENJOY THE DAY!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Day 1 Burzynski Clinic

The journey into the “alternative” treatment world has begun. Though I had many doubts about doing this as I think anyone would have that has been brought up in the United States to follow the herd into the “traditional” medical route to fight cancer. I would like to say right here that the “traditional” route has gotten me this far, but long term (2 or more years) was not looking that great.

The doubts that I had have all been washed away with the professionalism of the Burzynski Clinic. At every level, from the receptionist to Dr. Burzynski himself. Yes you do meet Dr. Burzynski himself to go over the treatment plan for your cancer type and your personal situation.

Everyone takes the time to sit down with you and go over every aspect of the process. Our day started at the receptionist desk to ensure we had completed all the forms needed and photo copy of insurance and ID. They constantly ask if you have any questions.

The day started at 10:30am with the coordinator and all the information forms that are sent via email well in advance to have completed. You have an up-front fee for your medical history review and consultation with 4 different doctors. Then we met with a patient advocator that is there to answer any questions, to introduce you to the staff and she will give you a business card with her direct line if you need anything at any time.

We then met with my primary carry physician who goes over every detail of your medical history. She then takes this information to the senior physician and Dr. Burzynski for final review and to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. I would guess that most people are given the chance for treatment at this point.

The one thing that impressed me is that in 2-4 month another set of scans will be done to see if there is any positive process in the treatment. If there is not then the treatments will be stopped. There is no reason to waste time or money in their eyes in this process.

We met with Dr. Burzynski and an oncologist and my primary care physician assigned to my case. At this point Dr. Burzynski goes over a planned treatment that will be tailored made to my gene type. Every piece of this treatment is tailored made to your gene activity. And once again you are asked if you have any questions.

They are even going to do testing on my blood that could help my oncologist at home to tailor my current chemo treatment for my needs. This could possibly help reduce some of the side effects I’m having with my current chemo treatments.

From here we had a nice lunch in the small café in the clinics building, before meeting with an insurance coordinator who takes care of filling and calling all insurance. She also covers what things will cost and how much is needed that day to start the treatments.

Since this is an “alternative” treatment some items may not be covered under your insurance even though they would pay if ordered by a “traditional” medical doctor. So you do have to put a sizable amount of money down to start treatments and testing. Just a side note, this amount is half as much as a month of chemo treatment.

From here we head off to do lab work and a complete physical exam. With my cancer type a P.E.T. scan and an EKG were ordered, which I will do tomorrow. There is no messing around here. If you can afford the treatment and you say you want to try, then the wheels start turning that day.

Once your blood is taken and a physical is given by the senior physician your finally free for the day. A second appointment is scheduled for the next day as was the P.E.T. Scan and EKG are scheduled.

I received 2 phone calls this evening to make sure I knew about a time change on my tests and that a free shuttle would pick me up in the lobby of the hotel to get me to and from the radiology center that will do the tests that were ordered.

All the test results from lab to P.E.T. Scan should be compiled by Friday this week in order to tailor make the medications that I will be given for my treatment.

Till then ENJOY THE DAY!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Alternative Treatment

I'm about to start off on a journey to try a alternative gene therapy treatment. There is a clinic in Houston, TX that has been working in this area for years with some success.

Here is a link to Dr. Burzynski site and a cancer patient that has had amazing results and very similar to my cancer. Click on the 5th video down from the top to start with.

The problem that we all face in deciding which path to take for our treatment of cancer: traditional medicine, alternative treatments or a combination of both. Another factor is whether to stay in the United States or to venture out to other country's that are ahead of the US in cancer treatments.

Take Costa Rica for example, they are doing amazing work in cancer using stem cell treatments. Something you can not get in the US. Wonder why that is?

Once I was told when my cancer came back in just 6 months was that I would be looking at about 2 more years, maybe more. For me that is not the right answer to the question. We started looking for other options.

My criteria was to stay in the United States. Since most if not all alternative treatments are not covered under insurance this would be an out of pocket expense. Another major factor for me. I do not want to break the bank. For me there are many others to think about when it comes to this matter.

I also wanted something that has been tested over time, not just something that came out last week or last year. Though there are many traditional and alternative treatment that have made advancements over the past year or two.

And if possible something that would work in combination with my chemo treatments that I'm currently doing today.

The Burzynski Clinic fit those criteria. Though there is an interview and review process that I will have to complete and be accepted for this treatment, so it's not a guarantee that I will get the treatment. I should know more about this in the first part of December.

I also have to visit with and keep my oncologist informed of all this. It's not that I'm asking for he's premission to do this, but his support of me wanting add every day to my life as I can. This can be hard for some people to talk openly with there "traditional" doctors about. You have to remember this is your life you are trying to save. Be smart and do your research before selecting and alternative path.

You doctor can't really recommend any type of alternative treatment for fear of loosing their licsens and jail time. Thanks to the FDA.

So as things move forward in this journey I will post more info on my progress.

And YOU Keep FIGHTING CANCER everyday.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fighting Cancer - My Return

Well I made it back. It took some soul searching for me to continue writing this blog when at times it seems as if I'm talking to myself\. Let me explain where I've been the past several weeks.

As I talked about in earlier posting of my surgeries and the 7 month vacation that I took from cancer. Of those 7 months I spent 4 recovering from the liver reduction surgery. For 3 of those 7 months I even went back to work, which was very nice. It gives my mind something to do.

Then the vacation as all vacations do came to an end. In August I had my 3 month P.E.T. Scan and my cancer had returned and was growing. Not what any cancer patient wants to hear, but deep inside knows they will at some point. I had hopes of a little longer run than 7 months of no surgeries or chemo.

So, I started another round of chemotherapy, with a different more of an old school drugs that is raising hell with my body. I had one full treatment in September and had to stop due to the reactions I had. My white blood count dropped to all time lows and my red counts dump as well. I then received and second treatment of only half a dose of chemo drugs and still had to skip a week of treatments due to low white blood counts.

I've lost all my hair this time around and the side effects do not wear off after 3 or 4 days as they did with the chemo treatments I received in 2008. You see the cancer becomes resistant to the first chemo drug and they then have to go to a second line treatment. At some point there are no more "lines" of defense with chemo drugs.

I ask the question when we learned the cancer had returned and I was to start this treatment what the goal was and what would I be gaining? The doctors honest reply was we're looking to gain 2 years. I have great trust in my oncologist and believe in his skills to help me and I know a lot can take place in 2 years. You have to keep fighting for every day, with the hope that a "cure" is found for your type of cancer. Every day you get is a day closer to winning this battle. And every day you get is to be treasured and enjoyed.

In all this activity and treatments, my mother was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. In October of this year she started her chemotherapy after recovering from her own surgery, and will be at the same cancer center as I go to. She will receive 6 treatments of chemo and the outlook is good to put the cancer in remission.

She too, is loosing her hair and the side effective of the first treatment were severe. Mothers don't let on to the fact that they are not feeling good or are hurting, but if you have been down that road you know they are. I get my determination and will to fight from my mother and father and my mother has even a greater attitude than I in this battle for life against the beast called cancer.

I'm not done yet, today I have learned that my aunts breast cancer that has been dormant for 10 years has returned, which was found in her annual check-up! She has yet to learn the level of the tumor for a few more days. This is the hardest time on everyone of the not knowing.

So, if I seem angry or set back by all this and I wondered if this blog was worth the time to typing it, I decided to keep going and pray that some one will find a "cure". Of the seven remaining Perry's left on this planet 3 now have active cancer. How many more family's need to go through this terrible journey?

This month and only this month is breast cancer awareness month. I think we should do all we can do to make every month cancer awareness month. I know there are other disease out there, but none that I know which will claim nearly 600,000 American lives this year. Please support cancer research, encourage your congressmen to work towards more funding to find a cure and above all YOU get your annual check-up scheduled for your health.


Friday, September 25, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Vitamin D

Study after study has shown that many if not most of us are Vitamin D deficient. When it comes to You Fighting Cancer, Vitamin D is critical to you well being.

The most recent study that I've read has to do with Vitamin D deficiencies and H1N1 Flu. In and article by Dr. Mercola; 58 million American children are Vitamin D deficient; 7.6 million are severely deficient.

With this many children deficient in Vitamin D, which compromises their immune system and are also at a very high risk of not only getting the H1N1 flu, but many, many other things down the road, like cancer.

As a cancer patient I try to get 20 minutes of sun a day. I even have a story of a grandparent that was sent home to die from cancer by his doctors, who did nothing more than lay in the sun every day and lived to be a ripe old age of 83.

Now I'm for sure not saying that the sun alone can cure cancer, but many study's show it can help. And more than an hour of sun can go the other way and cause more harm than good.

You many want to ask your doctor after your next blood work up what your Vitamin D levels are?

Vitamin D supplements work very well also for those that are not able to get in the sun every day. Which is tough for all of us.

You Fighting Cancer this fall and winter with the H1N1 flu going around and your immune system weakened is going to be tough. With supplements like Vitamin D and Healthy Energy FRS can make a difference for you staying health.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Todays Quote

Just a short note to post a quote I ran across today;

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Fighting Cancer – Waiting to Learn Unknown

I enjoy talking with people that have gone before the cancer dragon in one form or another and made it out the other side. I also enjoy providing information that we have on what I know about cancer, diet, supplements, exercise and any other area that might help.

Everyone that encounters cancer whether it is you or a family member ride an emotional roller coaster. It starts the day you are told you have cancer. Then is continues when you learn that chemo, radiation or surgery is the next step if not all 3.

Even for those of us that are cancer survivors face this emotional ride on a scheduled basis. It is our check-up points. The tests that you will do every 3, 6, 12 months! You hold your breathe for the days following the scans, lab work and tests until you sit down with your oncologist to hear the results.

Then if there is a twist to that process it magnifies the ride even more. Example; Kidney failure will keep you from receiving the dye that is use for a CT Scan. This is the scan of choice for a couple reasons that I will not get into.

If your creatinine levels in your blood exceed 1.4 you will not receive the imaging dye for fear of damaging your kidneys further. Now you can go to a kidney specialist and they can do a 2-3 day prep so as to use the dye, but again you need to be within certain limits.

So the next possible option (for me anyway) is a P.E.T. Scan. This scan is looking for “hot spots” a.k.a. cancer tumors in this case. You will be given a very strict diet to follow 24 hours before your test. This diet amounts to NO sugars of any kind, simple or processed sugars, no starches, no breads and no sweetener substitutes.

For me it is a sluggish withdraws feeling from my daily diet.

You will eat mostly proteins and a lot of water for this 24 hour period prior to the scan. I’m also to drink 24 oz. of water 2 hours before the test begins.

The scan will consist of a radio active (very low dosage) drug injected into my blood stream. Approximately and hour after that I will be placed on the scanning table, which is very similar to a CT scan.

You will be on the scanning table for 45-75 minutes. If this concept of lying still for that length of time bothers you as it would most people you can request a sedative. I will also have my IPod plugged into my head.

Music does help to block out the surroundings and time.

I also understand that there is upcoming information on a new type of CT scan that is to provide even better and more detailed imaging. I will pass this information along when I get it.

Till Next Time – YOU keep FIGHTING CANCER!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dream Slide Show

As I passed by another birthday, I look back at the amazing life that I have had the pleasure of enjoying.

The life I have, I’m truly grateful for.

Being classified as cancer FREE after my last surgery is a GREAT feeling, but as my surgeon states it’s a guarded feeling. One that bears watching and monitoring.

With CT Scan every 3 months now and to many blood tests to even count - you watch, monitor and pray that all stays well.

But what is truly important is that you LIVE. You live “… life like you are dieing!” as the Tim McGraw song goes.

When you live your life from that point of view you SEE things you’ve never seen before. You feel things that you’ve never felt before.

I personally especially notice “sounds” that I’ve never heard before or that I enjoy more now. These sounds have always been there, but I did not hear them in the way I hear them now.
The sound of song birds in the morning, the sound of my granddaughter laughing, the sound of my wife’s voice, and the sound of the wind in the trees. I could go on.

I once created a “Dream Slide Show” presentation that a good friend of mine and I would share with people. This dream slide show was a collection of images and sounds that were meant to “EXCITE” the senses of the people we shared it with.

I have started to create another dream slide show that I plan to share with you on this Blog in the days to come. My goal is to create these using tools on a computer that anyone can do from home for free.

As I create this slide show I plan to put a step-by-step process down for you to follow if you choose to create your own dream slide show.

The Law Of Attraction says that once you have these images in your thoughts, your feelings, and your daily routine that you will attract these things into your life.

I believe deeply in the Law of Attraction and its power. The movie “The Secret” is a big part of my life style now. And I would strongly recommend you see this video. If you have seen it already, watch it again.

Till next time, ENJOY the DAY!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Soap Box

I guess I tripped over the edge here, but it’s my soap box so I guess I can stand on it for a few minutes.

We lost another family member to cancer in June and learned of 2 more friends that now have cancer.

I get very angry about the current “status quo” with the progress or lack of progress to curing cancer.

Not just the standard 3 big costly hitters you’re told when YOU have cancer.

Behind door number 1 is surgery. Behind door number 2 is chemotherapy and behind door number 3 is radiation.

Or if you are one of the very unlucky you get all 3 or a combination of them.

None of which really cure the base problem.

Here are some numbers that probably tripped me over the edge that I just read;

We loose 500,000 plus friends and family members a year in the United States to Cancer and over 7 million worldwide.

That comes to about 1375 people die a day from cancer in the United States alone!

I remember as a small boy Walter Cronkite reporting the news on the Vietnam War. He would give a total killed for the day and a running total of the wars death toll.

This was in his national news report every night!

The total for that 11 year war and as terrible as it was counted around 50,000. Today it takes only 6 weeks to loose that many children, parents, fathers, mothers, bothers, sisters, to cancer.

The terrible sites of 9/11/2001 are still fresh in my mind and again this event was in the news for a couple of years and the death toll reached 2752 people in one small moment in time.

Today in just the United States we loose that many to cancer in 2 days. And we never make the news?

This is the part that gets me upset and wondering what our focus is on?

Is it that some governor quit her job or the death of a pop star that OD’d on drugs? These make the news for days if not weeks.

In 1 or 2 weeks from now, no one will even remember except those directly affected.

Why do we not have a nightly report on even the local news of the day’s death toll and a running death toll total? Is it, because something might get done at that point?

Is it better we stick our heads in the sand and try not to see the pain this is causing.

If we bring this information to the “front of the line” instead of “in the line” or the “back of the line” would someone hear us?

Please take a moment to contact your local news and your public elected officials and ask the questions WHY we don’t hear daily about these numbers and the efforts being made to CURE cancer.

That’s it; I’m off my soap box.

I truly pray that we find a cure for a disease that is eating away at our country and our planet as a whole.

Until that day we must keep making it to the next day and the next event in the world of You Fighting Cancer.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sound of Fighting Cancer

What you hear and what you think about are so very important in this battle with cancer.

I talked about different books that we have read in my last posting and many were beneficial in a couple of ways.

First for the information and knowledge that others have in the areas of diet, nutrition, cancer care, cancer treatments and technology. Information that helps you feel better and fight cancer.

The second thing I got out of many of these books was a better mind set on my personal internal battle and the things I thought about.

This battle you are fighting is not just won or lost in the operating room or in the chemotherapy chair or in the test facilities. A big part if not the biggest part is won or lost in your thoughts and in YOU!

If I started to read a book or an article that gave me the AVERAGE numbers of survival for a given cancer or the success of an operation or results of a chemo treatment, I simply did not read it. I was NOT going to be AVERAGE.

If your really want to get into a pity party then you read those number and you start believing you only have X number of months to live. I refused to do so.

SO, HOW did I keep such a positive outlook when the numbers stated otherwise?

First was my support team which started with my wife and family. This was and still is the biggest light at the end of my tunnel. It is why I keep on making it to the next day and the next event.

Second is the trust and belief I have in my medical team. Starting with my Family doctor, my amazing surgeon, and finally to the doctor that orchestrates it all, my oncologist. The one thing that I would share with you is to find the very best medical team you can for your cancer.

Travel to a specialist in your cancer may or may not be involved or even possible, but if it is then make the trip. You can often do your chemo treatments in your home town if need be, but find the oncologist that specializes in your cancer type. This may save your life!

The third thing I did to keep my mind and spirit in the “right place” is in what I listened to. I’ve always like music and some types of music were/are a big part of what I listen to, but the spoken word had an impact on me.

I listened to Joel Osteen , “Your Best Life Now” many times. I listened to James Earl Jones narrate the Bible, “The Secret”, and “Healing with Angels” by Doreen Virtue, Anthony Robbins in "Awaken The Giant Within" and more. (See links to the right for these books and audios)

All of these and more, many more offered me a chance to close the outside world out and focus on the inside and what I was thinking about.

I also found that I needed a purpose in life. A reason to get up and get going in the morning. So, I started looking for ways to make some kind of income from home on my computer. I have always been an entrepreneur type person.

It couldn’t be too involved, because the chemo and pain medication often time affect my ability to focus for very long. With 3 operations, I was down and off the radar screen for weeks sometimes. So, it had to be something that I could work on, read, implement and leave for days or even weeks. Something that didn’t cost a fortune to start up and was pretty easy.

Again to the right I have a link to “Build a Business on a Budget”. There are many more things out there on the web, but this one got me to doing something and got me to engage my mind in something other than my illness and how I was feeling that day.

I got to where I looked forward to getting emails from this company and working with the tool set that was included. If nothing else it got me to see another industry and another side to things with the possibility of how it could help me implement some other things down the road.

Till next time – ENJOY THE DAY!

Cancer: shock breakthrough

"Patients with inoperable prostate disease recover after single dose of drug"

This is very exciting news. We are all one step closer to fighting our cancer type with drugs like this. YOU JUST MAKE IT! AND YOU KEEP MAKING IT!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anticancer: A New Way of Life

Wow time just fly’s by if you’re not watching.

As you go through your treatments and surgery’s your appetite will change. I told people that it didn’t matter to me if I ate the pizza or the box it came in. They both tasted the same. Chemo and radiation will do that to you and much more.

As I mentioned in my last posting your immune system is going to take a beating. You will need to do everything you can to keep your immune system strong and take on as much healthy nutrition as you can.

There are many books on cancer diets, some are pretty good and others I’m not sure I agree with. The use of refined sugars and flours for me anyway are off the chart bad and I try to avoid them at all cost.

One book that every cancer patient and anyone that does not want cancer needs is by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, Anticancer: A New Way of Life. You will find the link to his book to the right of this posting. Via this link you will also see a great video by Doctor David Servan-Schreiber.

The book is filled with information on diet and supplements to help prevent and fight cancer. Of all the books we purchased over the past 18 months in my journey with cancer this one book stands above the rest.

One other area that affected me during my chemo treatments was a side effect known as neuropathy. Here is a link to Wikipedia for the detailed explanation of neuropathy. Here’s my explanation: The loss of feeling in your fingers and feet. You still have a sense of your fingers and feet that is very uncomfortable to say the least.

I was even put on a clinical trail for a new paste drug for neuropathy. Sorry to say this drug did not work for me. The only thing that I found that helped was an energy drink that has no sugar and large amounts of B vitamins. Still today I drink XS Energy drinks to help me get enough B vitamins.

I would drink one to two cans a day during my treatments and it helped within 15-20 minutes of finishing the can. Today I drink about the same amount, but now it’s to load my immune system with the vitamin B complex’s that help me fight cancer.

Now in THE NEWS: FDA Approves Drug for Dogs' Cancer – This may not seem like a big deal unless you are a pet owner. In the past little or nothing was done for our pets with cancer. Today there is hope for them as well.

As I always do, I hope that this information is useful in some way.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Ways to Cope with Cancer

I was going to write a big long story on different things that I went through with my cancer, but I ran across an article that sums up a few (5) things that will help you fight your cancer and help cope with it.

Dr. Scott Lind wrote some helpful tips here

I also knew that vitamin B12 was and is very important to your well being and will help you fight some of the side effects of cancer treatments.

Dr. Mercola has this article on B12 that is very informative.

I also drank an energy that was loaded with vitamin B's and NO SUGAR. It helped with my neuropathy. You can not buy this drink in your local store, sorry to say. It is purchased on-line only. Which I like. If you would like ordering information please contact me and I will set you up with a FREE on-line account. (

Another one of the other things that is important to my health is weight. I need not lose any. Many cancer patience suffer from severe malnutrition. In fact this is a leading cause of death in cancer patience.

Chef Jack Shoop
has some great ideas to help you keep the weight on. So often for me, I couldn't tell if I was eating the pizza or the box it came in. They both tasted about the same.

Well till next time - ENJOY THE DAY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, What's It Like to Fight Cancer?

I can only tell you my story and what I went through. Each person and each cancer will be somewhat different, but the main processes are about the same.

The day you learn you have cancer is nothing less than devastating at the very least. We all believe that cancer is our death sentence and that there is little of no hope that we will see our next birthday.

In some advanced cases it is sad to say that is true.

At some point no matter what stage of cancer you have or what type of cancer you have, you have to come to terms with the fact you have cancer. There are many great web sites out there that help with every step of cancer. I will list a few that I visit at the bottom of this posting.

You will also have to make the decision on your plan to fight cancer (or not). You will be overwhelmed with information from your doctors, who will probably what to start chemo, radiation, or surgery within a few days.

You’re family and friends will have stories and web sites for you to visit, that if you lived to be a 1,000 you could not read all of the information out there. Remember that these people love you and only want to help.

You can choose to follow the traditional plan to fight cancer which would be surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. You could follow non-traditional that would basically in some form change your diet, or you could do a combination of both. Only you can and should decide this after listing and studying the fact with your doctor, spouse and family. It will be the most important decision of your life.

If you are lucky enough to have a support system as I did in my wife and family you will have the best research team assembled on the planet for fighting cancer. Most of what I know about this disease I have learned from my wife and my mother, who have spent hours doing research and reading.

For me surgery was the first step to this process. As my family doctor stated “you have a billion plus cancer cells in your colon we need to get out.” I agreed that we needed to get the source of the cancer removed.

Within a week I was in surgery. I have had surgeries before so knew that process for getting ready for the surgery, but did not know the aftermath of this. Loosing 2/3rds of you colon is tough to recover from. I lost about 40 pounds during this event. My stomach was not like if used to be for sure. If there was a symptom you could have with your stomach I had it. Still to this day I eat much less than I use to and deal with an upset stomach on most days.

It took 8 full weeks to recover from this surgery, by which time I started to feel better. But as you will learn you get better just in time to get your back side kicked again. More of what will follow in my next posting.

But for now I would like to share happier things and we all need that. If you would like to smile if only for a moment drop me your email address and I will send you a link to a beautiful slide show of our world. You can always reach me at

I also watched an interesting movie with my wife the other night; “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I will not tell you the story of the movie and ruin it for those who have not seen it, but I would recommend you rent it and watch and listen. One statement in particular stuck with me; “ It’s never too late to start again.” Benjamin goes on to say if you reach a point in your life and you are not happy with your results “I hope you have to strength and courage to start again.”

Each day I try to “start again” and see the beauty of this day and this moment. Though there are many, many things I still want to do and learn in my life, I know now to “Enjoy the Day!” I’m making time to learn and do things that I use to say “someday I would like to…”

If you’re saving those crystal glasses, or that special trip, or a phone call to a friend for a special occasion, this is it. Every day is a special occasion.


I also understand that there is a new book out ( "Fighting Cancer With Knowledge & Hope: A Guide for Patients, Families and Health Care Providers" that sounds interesting. I have not read this book yet and as I stated in my earlier posting I’m not recommending any of these books or web sites, they are places I have been and I hope they can help you. I will post more of what I hope will be useful information in the future.

Till then ENJOY THE DAY, no matter how good or bad you feel, this is your day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Strength To Fight Cancer

So many of us go through life at Mach III with our hair on fire and we do not take the time to take care of ourselves or listen to our bodies. I hear some many people (men are the worst) say that I feel fine; I don’t need a check-up.

You need to have a check-up with your doctor when you feel good. Not when it’s too late and you no longer have the strength to fight cancer.

True story: I know this guy that came home from work one day in September doubled over in pain in his stomach. Finally got sick and said I’m ready to go to the emergency room now! Once there the surgeon on call decided that his appendix was the problem and it needed to come out.

At the end of that surgery the doc said you might think about having a colonoscopy. This guy was only 49 at the time. Most doctors don’t recommend a colonoscopy till at least age 50, unless you have a history of colon problems in your family.

Being a male as he was, he thought that all is well and went on. Well he did not get better and his body was telling him something was not right yet. He did not listen. Then blood started showing up in his stole once in a while then more often.

One a January day (5 months after the appendix surgery) we was working cutting a wind row down to build a barn and did not have the energy to go for more than a half hour at a time without taking a break. Little did he know his hemoglobin was now less than 9 and would eventually get down to 6.1 and it should be above 14.

Long story short he schedules an appointment with his family doctor who put him through a colonoscopy, CT scan and P.E.T. scan. And on February 5th tells him he has colon cancer. If that was bad enough the colon cancer had metastasis to his liver an advanced to Stage IV.

Yep that guy was me. Had I not been afraid or whatever the emotion was to just go and talk to my doctor when I had the strength and was feeling good, things may not have gotten so far out of hand.

So, I ask you please see your doctor for your annual check-up while you do feel good, so you can keep feeling good.

If for no other reason than self preservation, or at least do it for the people that love you. I have sense put my wife and family through 3 major surgeries and 12 chemotherapy treatments in the past 12 months. I have lost 2/3rds of my colon, gallbladder, had complete kidney failure, pneumonia, 10 days total in intensive care, lost over 40 pounds in weight, and over 65% of my liver is now gone. All because I was too thick headed to just go to the doctor and have everything checked out.

So, again please take the time to have a check-up with your doctor while you have the strength to fight and keep feeling good.

Till next time, Enjoy the Day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fight Starts Within

The battle against your cancer starts with you. You must keep a positive thought process going 24/7. We all have our moments of doubt, but do not keep those thoughts going day after day. Get them out as quickly as you can. Your thoughts not only help you cope with this emotional roller coaster you are on, but is goes much deeper than that to the cell level where the really battle it fought.

That’s right your thoughts go to the cellular level of your body. Think of cells as little fly’s on the wall listening to your thoughts. If you are thinking (as we all do when find out we have cancer) tomorrow I’m going to die you’re probably right.
On the other hand your thoughts are of joy, faith, success, family and friends, gratitude and the joy of this day, you’re probably right.

You stay positive and keep your faith you will have a fighting chance at winning this battle.

So, who am I to talk about cancer? I am a cancer survivor. In February 2008 I learned that I had colon cancer. This colon cancer metastasis to my liver and was at Stage IV. Cancer is rated from Stage I thru Stage IV. Stage IV is not good, but beatable.

At that time all the surgeon could say is “this is not good”. With that said we got the colon cancer removed and then waited for 8 weeks to heal before beginning chemotherapy for my liver.

At that time the oncologist was hoping to keep me going for the magic 5 year window (you will hear the 5 year phrase used often in cancer centers) with chemo. Also at that time I had no other traditional options, I had too many tumors on my liver to operate on. The rest of the story to come in future postings.

The day you learn you have cancer you do think that tomorrow is your last day here on this earth. That is a natural thought and one that scares the LIFE INTO YOU! You now know that you are mortal and that life is not eternal.

This will be the most emotional time of your life! You will ask “why me” and many other questions, but in the end it is you that has cancer and you now have to focus on the fight of your life.

I once heard a gentleman say that “we are the lucky ones!” I think he was referring to the fact that we no longer take life for granted. If you have one day, one week, one month, one year or 100 years left, enjoy today, this moment. Yes you need to plan for your future, but you truly need to enjoy this day.

I made a list of all the things I was grateful for, a list of the things that are truly important and all the wonderful things I wanted to do in this life time. Places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do with my wife and family and things I wanted to share with others.

I started a journal. I highly recommend that start a journal. A place for your thoughts, your dreams and your pain. This will be a legacy for your family till the end of time. Write stories of today, yesterday and your plans for the future.

My goal with this blog is tell you what I went though as a cancer patient and a cancer survivor. The treatment options of traditional medicine and non-traditional, diet, exercise and things I read and listened to. All of which got me to where I am today. How the surgery’s and treatments affected me.

I also would like to share your story and your journey in fighting cancer your way.
Please note I am not a doctor of any kind and I am not promoting any treatment method, I am a cancer survivor and I simple want to share my story and bring you information, web links and knowledge that might in some way help you in your fight.

Till next time take good care and always remember the journey starts within YOU!