Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fight Starts Within

The battle against your cancer starts with you. You must keep a positive thought process going 24/7. We all have our moments of doubt, but do not keep those thoughts going day after day. Get them out as quickly as you can. Your thoughts not only help you cope with this emotional roller coaster you are on, but is goes much deeper than that to the cell level where the really battle it fought.

That’s right your thoughts go to the cellular level of your body. Think of cells as little fly’s on the wall listening to your thoughts. If you are thinking (as we all do when find out we have cancer) tomorrow I’m going to die you’re probably right.
On the other hand your thoughts are of joy, faith, success, family and friends, gratitude and the joy of this day, you’re probably right.

You stay positive and keep your faith you will have a fighting chance at winning this battle.

So, who am I to talk about cancer? I am a cancer survivor. In February 2008 I learned that I had colon cancer. This colon cancer metastasis to my liver and was at Stage IV. Cancer is rated from Stage I thru Stage IV. Stage IV is not good, but beatable.

At that time all the surgeon could say is “this is not good”. With that said we got the colon cancer removed and then waited for 8 weeks to heal before beginning chemotherapy for my liver.

At that time the oncologist was hoping to keep me going for the magic 5 year window (you will hear the 5 year phrase used often in cancer centers) with chemo. Also at that time I had no other traditional options, I had too many tumors on my liver to operate on. The rest of the story to come in future postings.

The day you learn you have cancer you do think that tomorrow is your last day here on this earth. That is a natural thought and one that scares the LIFE INTO YOU! You now know that you are mortal and that life is not eternal.

This will be the most emotional time of your life! You will ask “why me” and many other questions, but in the end it is you that has cancer and you now have to focus on the fight of your life.

I once heard a gentleman say that “we are the lucky ones!” I think he was referring to the fact that we no longer take life for granted. If you have one day, one week, one month, one year or 100 years left, enjoy today, this moment. Yes you need to plan for your future, but you truly need to enjoy this day.

I made a list of all the things I was grateful for, a list of the things that are truly important and all the wonderful things I wanted to do in this life time. Places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do with my wife and family and things I wanted to share with others.

I started a journal. I highly recommend that start a journal. A place for your thoughts, your dreams and your pain. This will be a legacy for your family till the end of time. Write stories of today, yesterday and your plans for the future.

My goal with this blog is tell you what I went though as a cancer patient and a cancer survivor. The treatment options of traditional medicine and non-traditional, diet, exercise and things I read and listened to. All of which got me to where I am today. How the surgery’s and treatments affected me.

I also would like to share your story and your journey in fighting cancer your way.
Please note I am not a doctor of any kind and I am not promoting any treatment method, I am a cancer survivor and I simple want to share my story and bring you information, web links and knowledge that might in some way help you in your fight.

Till next time take good care and always remember the journey starts within YOU!

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