Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Soap Box

I guess I tripped over the edge here, but it’s my soap box so I guess I can stand on it for a few minutes.

We lost another family member to cancer in June and learned of 2 more friends that now have cancer.

I get very angry about the current “status quo” with the progress or lack of progress to curing cancer.

Not just the standard 3 big costly hitters you’re told when YOU have cancer.

Behind door number 1 is surgery. Behind door number 2 is chemotherapy and behind door number 3 is radiation.

Or if you are one of the very unlucky you get all 3 or a combination of them.

None of which really cure the base problem.

Here are some numbers that probably tripped me over the edge that I just read;

We loose 500,000 plus friends and family members a year in the United States to Cancer and over 7 million worldwide.

That comes to about 1375 people die a day from cancer in the United States alone!

I remember as a small boy Walter Cronkite reporting the news on the Vietnam War. He would give a total killed for the day and a running total of the wars death toll.

This was in his national news report every night!

The total for that 11 year war and as terrible as it was counted around 50,000. Today it takes only 6 weeks to loose that many children, parents, fathers, mothers, bothers, sisters, to cancer.

The terrible sites of 9/11/2001 are still fresh in my mind and again this event was in the news for a couple of years and the death toll reached 2752 people in one small moment in time.

Today in just the United States we loose that many to cancer in 2 days. And we never make the news?

This is the part that gets me upset and wondering what our focus is on?

Is it that some governor quit her job or the death of a pop star that OD’d on drugs? These make the news for days if not weeks.

In 1 or 2 weeks from now, no one will even remember except those directly affected.

Why do we not have a nightly report on even the local news of the day’s death toll and a running death toll total? Is it, because something might get done at that point?

Is it better we stick our heads in the sand and try not to see the pain this is causing.

If we bring this information to the “front of the line” instead of “in the line” or the “back of the line” would someone hear us?

Please take a moment to contact your local news and your public elected officials and ask the questions WHY we don’t hear daily about these numbers and the efforts being made to CURE cancer.

That’s it; I’m off my soap box.

I truly pray that we find a cure for a disease that is eating away at our country and our planet as a whole.

Until that day we must keep making it to the next day and the next event in the world of You Fighting Cancer.


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