Friday, September 25, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Vitamin D

Study after study has shown that many if not most of us are Vitamin D deficient. When it comes to You Fighting Cancer, Vitamin D is critical to you well being.

The most recent study that I've read has to do with Vitamin D deficiencies and H1N1 Flu. In and article by Dr. Mercola; 58 million American children are Vitamin D deficient; 7.6 million are severely deficient.

With this many children deficient in Vitamin D, which compromises their immune system and are also at a very high risk of not only getting the H1N1 flu, but many, many other things down the road, like cancer.

As a cancer patient I try to get 20 minutes of sun a day. I even have a story of a grandparent that was sent home to die from cancer by his doctors, who did nothing more than lay in the sun every day and lived to be a ripe old age of 83.

Now I'm for sure not saying that the sun alone can cure cancer, but many study's show it can help. And more than an hour of sun can go the other way and cause more harm than good.

You many want to ask your doctor after your next blood work up what your Vitamin D levels are?

Vitamin D supplements work very well also for those that are not able to get in the sun every day. Which is tough for all of us.

You Fighting Cancer this fall and winter with the H1N1 flu going around and your immune system weakened is going to be tough. With supplements like Vitamin D and Healthy Energy FRS can make a difference for you staying health.

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