Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Burzynski Treatment Weeks 30-31

Targeted Cancer Gene Therapy Treatment

I’m still waiting to learn more about the 4th chemo drug that Burzynski Clinic would like to start me on this coming week. I will see my oncologist on Tuesday and find out what his thoughts are on this. 

Feeling pretty good this past week with the rash at the low end of its cycle which is always a good thing. I have been taken off one of the antibiotics to let my kidney’s rest for a few days. Seems that too much of the Clindamycin can damage your kidney. For every action there is a reaction in this game.

Enjoyed a few days at Branson, MO. last week, what a great place to relax. Then it was off to a 2 day Engraving Seminar with the master calligrapher and engraver Ken Brown. The seminar was a little much for me due to the fatigue, but very good. 

I always talk about Enjoying the Day, that is what Lisa & I did last week for sure. And I believe that you should find something that you’re passionate about and enjoy it, and learn more about it. For me it is the engraving. Find something that you put your time into besides worrying about your cancer. Which is a bad thing to start with, protect your thoughts and keep them focused on getting well. 

My sister-in-law, Kelly found some certified organic beef at Costco’s in Kansas City for a good price. I’m hoping that one of the stores here will follow suite, since organic beef is still pretty pricey in this area. Even at the Farmers Market the price is a little high if you can find it. 

Even though it is organic beef, you should still limit yourself to only a small amount once a week at the most. Yes that is very tough to do. 

From Lisa’s Office; Targeted Cancer Gene Therapy Treatment is finally becoming more accepted in the medical community. According to the Patient Resource Cancer Guide Fourth Edition 2010 Spring/Summer, “targeted therapy is a treatment that targets faulty genes or proteins that contribute to cancer growth and development. These drugs are becoming more important in the treatment of… cancer.”

Targeted Treatments are now being matched to the individual’s cancer instead of one size fits all treatment used today. This one size fits all is if you have colon cancer you get “A”, “B”, and “Z” treatment (if your insurance pays for it). Where in the target way of doing things you may need drugs “A”, “B”, “Z”, and “1A” for a gene that may typically have to do with lung cancer say. 

Learning as much as you can about your cancer and asking the right questions will make all the difference for you in your overcoming this disease. 

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Final note: This is the tough and sad part of cancer to me that the fact we do not already have a cure for this disease. If you don’t think that cancer is a money maker check this link; $1 billion a year riding on OK of drug Avastin. Avastin is used to “treat” cancer not cure cancer. 

Avastin is a very expensive drug that I was taking and if your insurance does not pay for it you probably won't get it. It was giving in the one size fits all approach to treating colon cancer. With targeted therapy treatment it was found that Avastin was not needed for my cancer/gene type.  Don't tell the insurance company, but I may have saved them thousands of dollars by going to the Burzynski Clinic to learn this information.

Until next time You Keep Fighting Cancer and Enjoy the Day!


  1. Very enlightening as always. Emily and I will keep you and Lisa in our thoughts and prays.

    Aaron Kitterman

  2. Sounds like you had a nice break from things last week. That's good. As always, still thinking happy, positive thoughts and praying for you. Take care.

  3. I have been reading your blog. It is very interesting. Glad to hear you had a good week.