Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Quest Continues

Well I’m disappointed to say that we have no news on scheduling any appointment with MD Anderson. 
Seems that not only is the appointment freeze that is currently underway an issue, but the fact that I’ve been through most of the “approved” chemotherapy treatments known for colon cancer. The fact too, that the treatment that Dr. Burzynski had me on that was working and then my cancer decided to mutate is also a factor with MD Anderson. 

So, the next logical question that you would ask is where else or what else can we do? Well even though we all know of say the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota or others, insurance does not cover all those places. So, the cost is on you. The challenge is not always the disease. 

We continue to learn more about new cancer treatment methods that are working in trials and see amazing things on TV, but many are years from the masses. So, as for part of  the what’s next may be a trial and we will talk about that if and when it takes place. But for now the first thing we need to do is get an appointment with MD Anderson or the Mayo Clinic.

Till then ENJOY THE DAY and You Keep Fighting Cancer.

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