Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Alternative Treatment

I'm about to start off on a journey to try a alternative gene therapy treatment. There is a clinic in Houston, TX that has been working in this area for years with some success.

Here is a link to Dr. Burzynski site and a cancer patient that has had amazing results and very similar to my cancer. Click on the 5th video down from the top to start with.

The problem that we all face in deciding which path to take for our treatment of cancer: traditional medicine, alternative treatments or a combination of both. Another factor is whether to stay in the United States or to venture out to other country's that are ahead of the US in cancer treatments.

Take Costa Rica for example, they are doing amazing work in cancer using stem cell treatments. Something you can not get in the US. Wonder why that is?

Once I was told when my cancer came back in just 6 months was that I would be looking at about 2 more years, maybe more. For me that is not the right answer to the question. We started looking for other options.

My criteria was to stay in the United States. Since most if not all alternative treatments are not covered under insurance this would be an out of pocket expense. Another major factor for me. I do not want to break the bank. For me there are many others to think about when it comes to this matter.

I also wanted something that has been tested over time, not just something that came out last week or last year. Though there are many traditional and alternative treatment that have made advancements over the past year or two.

And if possible something that would work in combination with my chemo treatments that I'm currently doing today.

The Burzynski Clinic fit those criteria. Though there is an interview and review process that I will have to complete and be accepted for this treatment, so it's not a guarantee that I will get the treatment. I should know more about this in the first part of December.

I also have to visit with and keep my oncologist informed of all this. It's not that I'm asking for he's premission to do this, but his support of me wanting add every day to my life as I can. This can be hard for some people to talk openly with there "traditional" doctors about. You have to remember this is your life you are trying to save. Be smart and do your research before selecting and alternative path.

You doctor can't really recommend any type of alternative treatment for fear of loosing their licsens and jail time. Thanks to the FDA.

So as things move forward in this journey I will post more info on my progress.

And YOU Keep FIGHTING CANCER everyday.


  1. Go, my brother!!!! Beat that disease without mercy, as it shows none to it's captives. Randy, I am SO PROUD to know you, and you are ever in my prayers. I am sure you can win this war. I will be following your progress regularly. Anything you need done here in Wichita, please, let me know.

    Your Friend,


  2. Let me know if you ever need someone to take you to Houston. I will be ready with a one day notice. I keep the van full of gas and ready to travel. hoob