Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Day 1 Burzynski Clinic

The journey into the “alternative” treatment world has begun. Though I had many doubts about doing this as I think anyone would have that has been brought up in the United States to follow the herd into the “traditional” medical route to fight cancer. I would like to say right here that the “traditional” route has gotten me this far, but long term (2 or more years) was not looking that great.

The doubts that I had have all been washed away with the professionalism of the Burzynski Clinic. At every level, from the receptionist to Dr. Burzynski himself. Yes you do meet Dr. Burzynski himself to go over the treatment plan for your cancer type and your personal situation.

Everyone takes the time to sit down with you and go over every aspect of the process. Our day started at the receptionist desk to ensure we had completed all the forms needed and photo copy of insurance and ID. They constantly ask if you have any questions.

The day started at 10:30am with the coordinator and all the information forms that are sent via email well in advance to have completed. You have an up-front fee for your medical history review and consultation with 4 different doctors. Then we met with a patient advocator that is there to answer any questions, to introduce you to the staff and she will give you a business card with her direct line if you need anything at any time.

We then met with my primary carry physician who goes over every detail of your medical history. She then takes this information to the senior physician and Dr. Burzynski for final review and to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. I would guess that most people are given the chance for treatment at this point.

The one thing that impressed me is that in 2-4 month another set of scans will be done to see if there is any positive process in the treatment. If there is not then the treatments will be stopped. There is no reason to waste time or money in their eyes in this process.

We met with Dr. Burzynski and an oncologist and my primary care physician assigned to my case. At this point Dr. Burzynski goes over a planned treatment that will be tailored made to my gene type. Every piece of this treatment is tailored made to your gene activity. And once again you are asked if you have any questions.

They are even going to do testing on my blood that could help my oncologist at home to tailor my current chemo treatment for my needs. This could possibly help reduce some of the side effects I’m having with my current chemo treatments.

From here we had a nice lunch in the small café in the clinics building, before meeting with an insurance coordinator who takes care of filling and calling all insurance. She also covers what things will cost and how much is needed that day to start the treatments.

Since this is an “alternative” treatment some items may not be covered under your insurance even though they would pay if ordered by a “traditional” medical doctor. So you do have to put a sizable amount of money down to start treatments and testing. Just a side note, this amount is half as much as a month of chemo treatment.

From here we head off to do lab work and a complete physical exam. With my cancer type a P.E.T. scan and an EKG were ordered, which I will do tomorrow. There is no messing around here. If you can afford the treatment and you say you want to try, then the wheels start turning that day.

Once your blood is taken and a physical is given by the senior physician your finally free for the day. A second appointment is scheduled for the next day as was the P.E.T. Scan and EKG are scheduled.

I received 2 phone calls this evening to make sure I knew about a time change on my tests and that a free shuttle would pick me up in the lobby of the hotel to get me to and from the radiology center that will do the tests that were ordered.

All the test results from lab to P.E.T. Scan should be compiled by Friday this week in order to tailor make the medications that I will be given for my treatment.

Till then ENJOY THE DAY!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed update Randy. I was wondering how things were going and if you started it yet. Thinking of you daily.