Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Day 37 – 44 Burzynski Treatment

What a week or two can do for you with no chemo drugs! The rash I have, I’m learning is something that the oncologists are just now trying to understand. These new chemo drugs that are “targeted drugs” have new side effects that are yet to be understood how to deal with.

As for my treatment, the Burzynski Clinic has me back on 2 of the 3 chemo drugs (Tykerb & Xeloda) and also the Sodium Phenylbutyrate. I’ve completed all the antibiotics for my rash which is finally getting better. My fear is when I start the 3rd chemo drug of Vectibix again the rash will reoccur. Which I’m told is a sign that the drug is working.

Good news is that my tumor markers are currently 1.1 which means I’m holding my own. Platelets and Hemoglobin are also going up each week. All good things!

I also want to thank all of you that offered to donate blood in my name. I hope I do not need it or that I go through that event again any time soon. There are many more people that could use your blood if you still wish to donate. I do not know the process, cuz no one wants my blood for sure. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My local oncologist has been there for me the whole way, which I more than appreciate. I’m sure it’s tough taking second chair to an outside source that is not of the “traditional” roll of oncology and having to take care of side effects that were caused from the drug combination of an outside party. But the bottom line is my health and not the politics of the medical world.

I'm also learning every visit to every doctor that it seems as if the insurance company’s decide your treatment and the drugs you get or do not get. My doctors know as much about what and when the insurance company’s will and won’t pay as they do about medicine and I personally find something very wrong with that concept. That’s a soap box I will not get into, right now anyway.

Diet is another issue that is very important to all cancer patients. One that every time I see my oncologist or any one from the Burzynski Clinic is “what is your weight?” It is also the hardest area for me to change. I have 51 years of eating one way and to change that habit overnight is tough to say the least.

Raw Foods and Organic Foods are good for you, but very low in calorie count. For me it is issues of needing to gain more weight not loose any. I find that I eat much less beef than every before. The nutritionist recommended eating beef less than once a month. I hope to share more on diet as I post new articles.

I'm feeling very humble today after reading an article today by Dana Jennings who is a cancer survivor. Here is a link to his Jan. 12, 2010 article. I can relate too many of the things he is talking about and hope to relate to the ones he talks about 2 years after no drugs.

His statement of “I have no patience these days for jerks, for trivia — kindness and humility matter most to me” this is so true for me, also. Some folks need to give their heads a shake to understand just what is really important in life.

I have a great friend who is suffering from some of the side effects of his diabetes and I worry more about how he is doing than I do myself or any trivial matter. I focus on how my mother is doing with her cancer and the health of my family. The number one thing in my life is my wife. It is because of her I have no doubt that I’m still here today. She kept me going on days I no longer wanted to fight.

These things you can not buy or schedule or stress about, these are the things that are free and should be the most important. Take the time to give someone in your family and/or your spouse a huge today. You both will feel better. Cherish the moment as if it was your first or possibly your last hug.

I am personally grateful for all my friends, family, this day and maybe good old Rock & Roll beyond words, because I know how short of time we really have here.

Till next time ENJOY THE DAY.


  1. Randy, I'm glad things are going better. I am so amazed by your strength and upbeat attitude. I pray for you every day and can't wait for you to get back here. Stay strong my friend.


  2. Randy,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!! I would like to echo the comment above in saying that your strength and upbeat attitude is inspiring! Keep posting your status I check it often. Hope things are continuing to improve for you!