Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Fighting Cancer - Day 27-36 Burzynski Clinic

Here is the reason I tell you to Enjoy The Day on You Fighting Cancer Blog, everything can change in a day or in a minute.

On Dec. 28th, I started losing blood and it continued throughout the day, to the point the last phone call to the Oncologist head nurse I was told to go to ER, where they promptly admitted me into the hospital.

Long story short was that my platelet count had dropped to an all time low of 37K and my red blood count went from 10.5 to 8.1 in one day.

Over the course of the next 3 days I received 7 units of platelets. I would like to thank all of you that donate blood, platelets, bone marrow… Cuz people like me really need them.

They also add a high powered IV drip antibiotic for my rash and some good pain killers. The first night was pretty long since the blood pressure cuff went off every 5 minutes and I didn’t make it into a room until 11ish pm. from ER

I had blood taken every 6 hours to monitor my platelet count and to see if another unit of platelets was to be ordered. I’m very lucky; because once the platelet’s got above 40K I stopped bleeding. So, no surgery was needed. I’m very blessed not to have to go the surgery route again.

On Dec. 31st my platelet had hovered around 48K 2 days, so they let me go. Of course the begging might have had a small part to play in all of it also.

So, where are we are today in Burzynski treatment? It’s at a full ahead stop until I get another lab report back (tomorrow) and this rash gets under control. I’m still on antibiotics 3 times a day for the rash and I do believe it is getting better, but it’s slow going.

I’m sure on day 37 I will talk with my doctor at the Burzynski Clinic to see where we go from here.

Until them I will eat as health as I can and ENJOY THE DAY. I have so much to grateful for and so much to look forward to.


  1. I will be more than happy to donate blood in your name. Just tell me how. hoob

  2. Hang in there Randy!

  3. Randy... fight like Hell, and don't give up! Thanks for all the updates and tell Lisa if you or her need anything let me know. What blook type are you? I'm O neg. and will donate also. Take care my friend and God Bless You. Theresa

  4. Hi Randy and Lisa,Let me know when and how and we will also donate blood. We are not sure of our type, however, should it be required we will find out. Giver hell and geter done. Mr B.

  5. Randy,

    I am A+, so if you need a donation of that type, please let me know and I'll go make sure I donate in your name.

    Hang in there buddy, and thanks for keeping us updated...we all wonder and worry about you.