Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Week 12 Burzynski Treatment

More good news to report – the DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) test came back normal and the ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) are also normal.

So, what to do about the low platelet counts? We just press on. The cancer is not going to go away by it’s self so, we're starting the full treatment again that the Burzynski Clinic recommended. This will be a long list of pills to take each day and an infusion of Vectibix every two weeks starting this Tuesday.

Vectibix is the targeted chemo drug that causes the very nasty rash and that as I’m told is a sign that it’s also working on the tumors. All I have to say is it must really be working well then. I expect to see the rash start about 2 weeks after the first infusion. I’ve already started Minocycline to get a head start on trying to ease the side effects of the rash.

I’m already taking Tykerb and Xeloda (both chemo drugs), along with Sodium Phenylbutyrate (PB), vitamin D and Fish Oil. About 10-15 tablets 4 times a day. No need to eat much I get my fill on pills.

Before I get to the diet part of this Blog here is what I think is the main point in my battle with colon cancer! That's to tell everyone to get your colon check-up/screening. PLEASE! Take the time to check out this article from The Associated Press, "Millions missing out on colon cancer screening".

Now more on diet; this is personal observation with only my simple testing. If you are buying strawberries from the store these days you might think twice after reading this.

Strawberries are supposed to be good for you right? Well they are listed as one of the top 15 BAD fruits to buy from your grocery store. Why you wonder. These berries are sprayed sometimes daily with pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers in a greenhouse environment where they are grown. If that’s not bad enough, now they found something to spray on them so they never rot. That can't be good for you?

Try this if you have some of these berries already. Set the container they came in the back of your refrigerator and check them every week for as long as you like. I did this for about a 2 month window and they NEVER grew any mold or rotted? Maybe this is just me, but isn’t that kinda scary.

Another reason to buy organic or buy from you local farmers market. Since the farmers markets are currently not running this time of year here, I’m buying frozen organic berries from my grocery store. They are much cheaper than fresh if you can even get fresh right now. When you can buy fresh organic berries you will learn all too quickly that they do go bad within a week. You will want to wash and freeze these berries to use at a later date.

Another best bet is to grow your own berries when possible. I’ll be planting this spring for sure.

Till next time ENJOY THE DAY and keep FIGHTING CANCER.

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  1. Hi Randy and Lisa, That news is great.Stay strong as your results are going in the right direction and it looks like you are getting in done.We LOVE you both . Mr B and Edna