Monday, May 24, 2010

You Fighting Cancer - Burzynski Treatment Week 23

Fair Well to a Fallen Knight

This has been an un-eventful week for my status. 

Lab work showed that my platelets are still up a bit from the platelet infusion for my surgery a week ago. My hemoglobin is creeping up and my white blood count is back in the “normal” range again. So, this is all good. 

This coming week I will be seeing my oncologist and will be going for another Vectibix treatment at the cancer center. The rash from Vectibix is flaring up again this week which is the norm’. Seems that about 2 weeks into the last infusion, the rash makes a showing. 

I continue to use the Regenecare products which seem to help not only in the temporary relief from the burning pain, but it also seem to help heal the rash. 

Fair Well to a Fallen Knight;

Saturday afternoon one of the few remaining Knights of the Round Table in my life passed away from cancer and its complications. 

I have been blessed to have known so many wonderful people in my life. Which very few remained in my life from childhood till this day, with all the traveling that I have done. This man was one of those people. He was also one of those men that could do in my eyes about anything. 

I remember as a boy camping in Glacier National Park at Two Medicine Lakes with my family and his family. Mr. & Mrs. Dollard have 3 boys and then there was my brother and myself. Talk about a hand full. Not really, all 5 boys had such respect for Mr. Dollard and my dad that we, let say stayed in bounds. 

If you needed to repair anything, build a house from the ground up, hunt, or fish for anything and catch it. A man with common sense, knowledge, integrity and an awareness of right from wrong, who valued family a friends above all else. 

Mr. Charles (Bud) Dollard will be truly missed in my remaining life time. I know that he will hold a spot for me next to the best fishing hole in heaven.  We will say a final fair well to this man later in the week.

Until next time YOU KEEP FIGHTING CANCER and please ENJOY THE DAY!

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  1. Thanks for your support, we realize it was hard for you and it meant a lot you coming down to say farewell to dad. Yeah, he was a good man and for me the best a father could be. Know too, that we feel you are a member of our family, through the good and bad, the bears and cancer.

    Fight the good fight, stay strong and know that we love you. All the best to you and yours, Steve.