Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Burzynski Treatment 20-22

Well it’s been a couple weeks since I last updated, but have a few things going on to share.

Blood counts this week showed a drop in platelets to 31. I have started taking Tykerb again which may have some effect on the platelet counts.

From the last CT Scan new fluids around my abdomen were found, which my oncologist would like to get a sample and drain, but with my platelets so low we have not done that yet. The oncologist wants to check the fluid for cancer cells. Which we know would be bad. The option that we are looking at is to give me a couple rounds of platelet infusions and go into surgery to drain the fluid. This fluid issue may also be the cause of my blood counts.

I have also had a flare up with the rash since Spring has started. I had been outside one day for just a few minutes and that’s about all it took to flare up my rash on my face, neck, and back. My back was not even exposed to the sun.

Talking with the Nurse PA, she advised me to cover up as best I can when in the sun and use the highest sun screen “lotion” I could find. The gel does not react well with the rash. So, far the lotion is not reacting very well either. It needs to be washed off as soon as possible and Regenecare put back on.

I feel from time to time to tell that not only do you have to deal with the cancer and that journey, but to tell you that you will be dealing with insurance, bills, and your work place. Though the insurance people that I talk to on the phone seem to only want to help they are limited to their company’s “policies”.

Which means in my case as I learn is not all too uncommon in a lot of peoples cases, is that for my treatment from the Burzynski clinic is not paid in any portion. The sad part is thus far the treatment seems that we are having some success even with the very low dosages of all the chemo drugs recommended. With a tumor reduction by 12% is amazing at this point. Why would an insurance company not support that?

The sad part is for the people that are not in a position to get the specialized treatment for their cancer as I am blessed with. Are you thinking that I’m promoting the new health care plan, you are wrong. Though I believe we need to do something, I do not believe the route we are taking is the correct path. The governments track record in running some things like postal services, Medicare, social security and I could go on, but will not and end this. All I can tell you is that the people that I talk to on the phone nearly every week to settle insurance issues are really very nice.

The bright side is that Summer is here in Kansas and I’m here to enjoy another day with my wife, dogs, family, and friends and is all I ever look forward to.

This brings me to a point I would like to make and try to talk about each posting and that is to Enjoy the Day and to do what we all can to reduce all “stress” from our lives. And in today’s world stress is more that abundant in most people’s lives. Though stress is not the only cause or possibility for cancer and other diseases, but I believe it is a large part of the puzzle. Your mind, body, and attitude play a very large role in this journey and how it will play out. You need to have faith, a passion for life, compassion for others, and reason to keep fighting cancer or all that you will see and go through will work on your mind and thoughts. And your mind and thoughts are just the things you need on your side and to keep positive, so guard your thoughts in this time.

Till next time You Keep Fighting Cancer and Enjoy the Day.

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