Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Fighting Cancer - Burzynski Treatment 39-40

Beautiful Day!

This will be a short post just to get everyone up to speed.

First the Burzynski  Clinic was not very happy with my last CT Scan, so... I have done another genetic blood work up and FedEx it to them. They did not want to wait the week and a half for the results to come back here. It appears the solid tumor has gotten "more defined by 42%" and I have more fluids building up in my abdominal area.

This may mean a new protocol for me soon. I should know more this coming week.

The next event and it is all about getting through the next event. They put me the hospital Friday (9/24/10) night for running a 102.5 fever and I managed to get out on Tuesday (9/28/10). No reason discovered for why or where the fever was coming from. Though I complain about going to the hospital, when you are fighting cancer and have a very weak immune system anytime and if you run a fever over 101 for more than 30 minutes you need to go straight to emergency room. I just hope you don't get stuck there for 4 days.

On a much brighter note, this weather and time of year are my favorite. Lisa & I just returned from Colorado where the Fall colors were in full swing and the Elk were bugling in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Some very beautiful days. If you've never been to Estes Park I would highly recommend it for this time of year.

We also visited with a wonderful scenic and wildlife photographer in Steamboat Springs that again if you get a chance to stop in go visit with Don Tudor. He has a little gallery on the main downtown street of Steamboat  Springs. Some great work.

Till next time; You Keep Fighting Cancer & ENJOY THE DAY!

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