Sunday, October 17, 2010

You Fighting Cancer - Burzynski Treatment 41-42

The Next Event

Well after some major conversations with Lisa, my family and my oncologist the choice I made is to make a trip to MD Anderson for a review and to see what might be possible there. 

Why did I make that decision vs. staying with the Burzynski treatment protocol? It was not easy for sure. Burzynski’s clinic has gotten me this far, not that the side effects as you all have read have been “bad” in my words. And I was told that the current treatment is not working and a new treatment needs to be tried.

The other issue is that my insurance will not pay for anything that Burzynski’s clinic does. The new protocol that is being called for would cost up front another $20K just to start that treatment. Burzynski Clinic has a higher success rate than most treatments, but it comes at a very high cost. 

If you can get your insurance to pay, which many do now, that is one thing, but for me it’s more than just spending the money. It’s the guessing that the next treatment will work while spending that kind of money. This would be true for any treatment not just those recommended by the Burzynski Clinic.

MD Anderson also has trials in Cryosurgery just to name one that could be a possibility for my cancer. It is also good to see/hear what other options are out there.

So right now I’m waiting on insurance to “approve” my trip to MD Anderson before we schedule the trip. Everyone is ready and in agreement to go, but the insurance company is the road block at the moment.

So, the next event is in works and we will keep you posted on the outcome and recommendations from MD Anderson. Until then – ENJOY THE DAY!

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