Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Years Update

Update: Since starting the latest treatment, I’ve made through 2 ½ treatments. This is due to such bad blood counts.

Platelets are as low as I’ve ever seen at 15 – normal is 140-400
White blood cell count is now at 2.5 – normal is 3.8 - 10.8
Hemoglobin (red blood count) is 9.8 – normal is 13.2 – 17. 1

I need to have Platelets greater than 30 to get a treatment. With the numbers in a steady fail that’s not looking good right now. I’ve gone from 40, 4 weeks ago to 14. The doctors will not do a platelet infusion until I get below 10.

As for the white blood cell count, well I have no immune system left to fight even a cold. I’m still waiting on a call back to see if we can do anything about getting this number back in line, or at least closer to the line. 

So, instead of waiting for the doctors to take action, Lisa is breaking out the big guns again. The juicing machine is whirling as we speak.

Here is our Green Drink receipts and don’t say “uck” till you try them. They are very good;

Recipe 1
2 cored apples (green apples seem to work best, but any apple is good)
3-4 carrots peeled and topped

Recipe 2
2 cored apples (green apples seem to work best, but any apple is good)
2 hand full of spinach leaves
1 hand full of kale
1 hand full of dark grapes
Mint leave to taste (optional)
Wash all ingredients with veggie wash and rinse. Use organic when possible.  Add to juicer in reverse order to get the most out of each plant. Drink as soon as this is juiced to get the most nutrients as possible. Enjoy!

Lisa has me on a regiment of supplements also that will help my immune system and white blood counts.  Currently taking (but not limited to :)

Aloe Vera juice = George’s, it’s the only one I found that is taste free.
Daily Multi-Vitamin
Vitamin D-1000
Moducare = for immune system
Echinacea & Elderberry
A shot of fresh Wheatgrass

Trying to take in 5 serving s off fruit and 3 servings of vegetables a day, also. If you are eating your fruit raw, try to do so 30 minutes before you eat anything else. Your system will love you for this.

And finally as much Green Tea as I can drink, all this is giving me more energy also.

Till next time; You Keep Fighting Cancer and ENJOY THE DAY!


  1. I can never go without learning something new when I read your posts.

    Aaron Kitterman

  2. Randy & Lisa,

    My dear friends, when you are indeed ready to learn about the POWER of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that Yahweh has INDEED gifted me with, you will then see miracles come true, they worked and were good enough for Jesus, shouldn't they be for you too? Oh; and wait until you hear about our latest discoveries...:)

    In Yah's love & will,

  3. Have heard of tumeric for fighting cancer - the yellow spice that gives mustard its color and is also in curry. Everything is worth a try!

    Praying for you!

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