Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well we just returned from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago where they inserted the Y-90 Micro-spheres into the tumors still in my liver.

I want to thank Bill (see Bills Blog) for telling us about SIRT. More importantly I would like to thank Northwestern Memorial Hospital and their staff for taking my case on. When everyone else said it would not help they stepped up to help me and to give us a ray of hope.

If we can all work together and share information and knowledge with one and other, we might start to win this fight.

The process is two fold. I visited the hospital 3 weeks ago for testing to make sure that I was a candidate.  This was a 6 hour process and left some pain in my right leg and lower back.

The final piece of this was the actual insertion of the micro-sphere beads. I ended up having to lay flat on a bed for 6 hours to seal off my artery in my right leg. I was told that the pain over the next 2 weeks go from very little to pretty bad to less than I had before the process started.

I’ve been running a fever the past 2 evens but so far we are able to keep that under check. The nausea is has not been good, but the Compazine has been working for that.

I will get started again on Monday with my herbal tea and acupuncture. This has helped my platelet counts to 30+ now. It has not been that high for months.

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