Saturday, December 26, 2009

You Fighting Cancer - Burzynski Clinic -Day 12 – Day 26

Well it turned out that the cancer fighting drug Vectibix (most likely), the one treatment I received in Houston and the second I received here in Wichita caused a severe rash. So on day 15 I was taken off all 3 of the chemo drugs to work on the rash.

I have to admit that this is one of the worst side effects I’ve ever had. I have a painful rash from head to toe. Not kidding.

I’m now taking 2 different antibiotics and 1 antihistamine. I’m also taking Tylenol or pain pills to sleep at night. For anyone that is about to get a treatment of Vectibix you will want to ask to start an antibiotics that same day.

I can not explain to you the pain and itching that this rash will give you. I could but you would get sick.

Another tip is that a hot show will make it worse and a bath will feel great while you’re in the water, but when you get out make sure you have a shirt to put on that you no long wish to keep.
The shirt will start to stick to you and the rash at some point and the rash will bleed, ruining the shirt. But the fun part is when you pull the shirt off your back. The first pull is the worst, the rest get better.

I’m seeing very slow improvement in this rash and will be evaluated again on day 29 before the next scheduled Vectibix treatment. If this stuff is work half as good on my cancer as it has done to my skin, it’s really going to town.

I want to change gears here for just a second before signing off You Fighting Cancer to talk about more research that I’ve been reading on Vitamin D. If you take nothing else please take a high grade of Vitamin D supplement. The cancer prevention and fighting characteristics are starting to stack up.

I’m very grateful to be present for another white Christmas and to enjoy my family. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year.



  1. I so sympathize with your rash. Years ago I had a similar one and there is nothing more painful. I even had it in my eyes. I hope it is better now and you can get back with your treatments. Been thinking about you. Be well my friend.

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