Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Week 15 of the Burzynski Treatment

Break from Xeloda

Another week has gone by and things are a better with the rash. I’ve been given a break with Xeloda also in order to try and bring my platelet count up from 23K to anything higher. The last time my platelets were this low the doctors were giving infusions of 7 units of platelets.

The new antibiotic medication (Clindamycin HCL - Cleocin HCL) that I’ve been given for my rash seems to be working better. Some how it’s keeping the rash off my arms and is improving the rash on my face.

This week brings more lab work and a CT Scan. I will get the results of the CT Scan a week from Tuesday from the oncologist. I will also send a copy of the scan to the Burzynski Clinic for review. 

People ask me from time to time how I stay in such a positive attitude on life. Well I’m sure you’ve heard me ask what the alternative to that is? You can go through life being mad at the world or who ever else for your situation or you can make the best of the day.
My positive attitude comes from 4 places;
1) My family and friends. They have always been there for me and always see things in a positive way.

2) My parents – Who have given me a life time of looking at things in a positive perspective. They taught me a long time ago that you can do and be what you want and that a positive attitude will get you a lot further than a negative one.

3) My wife – Lisa is positive in everyway and everyday. I don’t know how she does it I just know she does. She has a gift and a belief that good things come to good people and that a strong faith will guide you in directions that you can not even see yet. I have never seen her negative in the 2 years we have been battling this monster.

4) Myself – Am I positive every day, heck no, but I try to be. I have truly tried the sad, I feel sorry for myself path and it’s no good. You have to make the best of everyday, whether you have cancer or any other disease and move on. And yes I believe that a large amount of faith plays into your overall wellbeing. This is enhanced by the books and audios that I read and listen to, daily. If you are what you eat then you will become what you think about!

Don’t forget March is National Colorectal Cancer Month.

Till next time – You keep FIGHTING CANCER and ENJOY THE DAY!

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