Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Week 17 & 18 of the Burzynski Treatment

Never Ever Give Up Hope!

Well I was kinda waiting to put a new post up once I heard back from Burzynski Clinic, but that news will not come until next week so, here’s what we learned this past two weeks. 

The CT scan that I did 2 weeks ago shows a 12% reduction in tumor size on my liver. This is very good news for the low dosages of chemo that I’m taking.  Because of the rash I don’t know if I could handle higher dosages, but will talk to the oncologist about that in 3 weeks. 

Platelets remain very low at 39K this week and hemoglobin is down also to 9.8. This is not good for either. But we are going to press on with my treatments. 

I learned that my rash is a nothing to take lightly. Any infection could have a very serious outcome. So, we monitor it daily. 

Now to talk more about dealing with and fighting cancer;

When you first learn that you have cancer you know in your mind that you will die soon. And as I commented on this in one of my very first postings to this site that may be true in some more advanced, aggressive cancers, but not the norm’. 

Today we were at a CT scan lab where a man and wife came in and she was in getting a CT scan. Her husband was talking to the receptionist about the cancer they just learned that she had and she was given very little hope and time by her doctor. 

The lady at the desk told this man that no matter what, do not give up hope. She told the story of her husband with the same type of cancer who also was given bad news with very little time to live by  the first doctor they  saw.
She went on to say that they went on to get a second opinion from another oncologist that put him on a very aggressive chemo and radiation treatment.  One that I’m very sure made him very, very sick. 

As she finished her story with the fact that all this was 16 years ago eased the man in the lobby’s ( waiting for his wife )fears and gave him I’m sure the first light of hope since they learned of her cancer.  He repeated the story to her the second she came out of the CT scanning room. 

I hear story’s like this all the time and yes I hear the story’s of a few that only make it weeks as did my Aunt. It was only a few short weeks from the time she found out she had cancer till she passed away.  Her cancer was very advanced and very aggressive. 

With new technology like Nanotechnology, advances are happening every day. We are also learning many ways to prevent cancer or prevent it from killing us by the choices we make early in life and the lifestyle we choose to live. 

Never give up HOPE!

Until next time – You keep Fighting Cancer and ENJOY the DAY!

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  1. Keep the good attitude and determination to get well. From my experience of everything I have been through and we both know that is a lot. My great attitude is what help me get to where I am today. I know both of our situations are totally different but I feel keeping a a positive attitude and surrounded by wonder people supporting you. Because Emily and I are always pulling for you. So keep your head-up and the determination you bring your businesses.
    Your good friends,
    Aaron & Emily