Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Fighting Cancer – Week 19 Burzynski Treatment

Colon Cancer Awareness

Lab report update; I’ve had a week off of Tykerb due to low platelets – 29K. This week’s lab shows an improvement in platelets to 41K. Though I’ve noticed this week that my hemoglobin and white blood count have drop a bit. After talking with my doctor at the Burzynski Clinic, I found out that it has not dropped too low to worry about at this time.
I will be getting another round of Vectibix next Tuesday and will see my oncologist to understand how things are going with my blood work and my rash.
I have been turned onto some other products that can help with the rash. These items are from a burn center and the types of products that they use on skin. For cleansing, this center recommended; Aloe Vesta Cleansing Foam.  And for the burning and itching of the rash they recommend; Glucan Pro-Cream 3000. I have not used either of these yet, but I will be.
I feel at times that I have been to the expert’s academy on Colon cancer that has metastasized to the liver. With all the surgery’s and different chemotherapy drugs that I’ve been through to date I now know what to expect and what you’re not told. The number of books and video’s that Lisa and I have read and watched are countless.
The point of that statement is that if we can help anyone to understand what took place from the day we learned that I had cancer to all the different side effects that you may experience.  The different foods that we have learned are good and those that we all need to stay away from. Please contact us. We will share what we know.
Speaking of food, we just watch a very informative video last night that I would recommend that everyone take the time to watch. It’s call Food Inc. and it will or should change the way you purchase food, especially fast food.  If for no other reason, watch this for your kids or grand kids. It’s that important. You can check this video out I’m sure at any Block Busters or even your library. Hint: I’m so looking forward to the Farmers Markets to get back.
Please don’t forget that if you did not get a Colonoscopy last month please do so. News video link to Colon Cancer Testing promoting this test. Also, you may be able to pick-up a FREE early detection colon cancer screening kit from stores like Walgreen’s or for sure from your doctor. Ask for a ColoCare kit, that you do at home.  This test should be done once a year if you’re over the age of 50. If caught in the early stages, colon cancer is 90% curable.
I was sent an email that had a link on a drug call DCA that 2 years ago showed great promise for “curing cancer”, but since the drug is so inexpensive to manufacture and that makes it non-profitable for a pharmaceutical company to do any research since that can not get them their 7 year patent on the drug. So, the best I can find is that for the most part it has be swept under the carpet, but I did find one web site that seems to have some resent information– The DCA Site
But I have been reading many new disturbing articles about these pharmaceutical companies’ getting the FDA to give them "fast track" status on new cancer drugs to get them on the market and how amazingly their stock prices jump? I hope cancer isn’t about the money, but these type articles made me rethink that.  
Well until next time – You keep Fighting Cancer and ENJOY THE DAY!


  1. Just watched Food Inc on Netflix watch instantly after I read your blog. It was very enlightening to my wife and I. You'll have to let me know when you are back in Kansas and I'll try to see you. Because I miss talking with you because you have been a big part of life whether that be in my career at Spirit or just a good friend to have. I apologize that I haven't kept that in touch with you and Lisa but I would like to change that so if there is anything you need from me. I will try everything in my power to get that done. You are still in my families prays here in Kansas and up in South Dakota. My parents and my grandmother was asking about you so I emailed them one of your blog and hope they are keeping up with them. I try to read them once you post them. So until we meet up stay strong and positive. I feel of everything I have been through in the past that was a key factor in my recovery. Look at me now back in 2001 they thought I wouldn't still be alive but look at how far the great attitude I carry in life. No one could have predicted the great recovery I have now.
    Aaron and Emily Kitterman

  2. Always thinking about you Randy. Keep fighting. Miss ya.